[10] In Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld, the first opening theme is "Resolution" by Haruka Tomatsu, and the first ending theme is "Unlasting" by LiSA. As his soul passes away, he asks for Fanatio to take care of their unborn child. During the transfer, Kirito has a vision of an unknown woman who tells him that she is waiting for him and Eugeo atop the Central Cathedral. June 26, 2026 Japanese Kirito's bromance with Eugeo was one of the defining elements of the first half of Alicization. He could be dead, Locked in. Asuna replies that, while Kayaba can't be forgiven, she is thankful for the days she spent with Kirito inside Aincrad. Romaji Kirito attempts to tell Alice about her true past and the truth about Administrator. Even Alicization, which kept his strengths believable at first, ended up making Kirito familiarly unbeatable yet again in the second half. Kirito was never a physically strong person in real life, but inside the virtual world of MMORPG games, he is an immensely skilled and robust swordfighter who can go head to head against most kinds of enemies unless they're a boss or something.. With Eugeo dying and Alice unconscious, Kirito fights against Administrator alone. Back to the Cathedral, Kirito and Eugeo retrieve their swords, just before being attacked by Deusolbert, one of the Integrity Knights. Vassago decides to dive in again on a "special" account. Kirito and Alice fight together to defeat them. Next Banpresto Sword Art Online: Alicization Kirito Figure(TBA), Multiple Colors 4.2 out of 5 stars 26. Thus, the Cardinal allies with Kirito and Eugeo to defeat the administrator and get back Alice. During the dive into the Underworld, Gabriel Miller briefly flashes back to his childhood obsession with souls. Back in the real world, Critter prepares to deploy another 20,000 American players to surround the decoy force. After the battle, Kirito frees Selka and she uses her magic to transfer a part of Kirito's energy to Eugeo in order to save his life. Vassago returns to the game in a new avatar, stalking Asuna from afar. Sword Art Online: Alicization | Fighting Chudelkin - YouTube As the AIs created by Rath were far too compliant with laws to be used for the military, Rath brought Kazuto into the world with his memories restricted to test why the residents of Underworld were unable to break any laws. 4th He then asks for Kirito to be brought before him, despite Asuna's pleas. Meanwhile, in the real world, Gabriel Miller and his team approach Rath on a submarine. Later at night, Kirito has a conversation with Selka, Alice's younger sister, and reveals to her what he heard about Alice from Eugeo. Roll Random Skin! This allows Administrator to understand Kirito is not from Underworld, but outside the virtual reality. Once Kazuto has helped her out and she gets dressed and charged up, she expresses her anger with Kazuto for staying behind in the Underworld. Later at night, Kirito discovers that the zephyr flowers he was growing were destroyed by two classmates with a grudge against him. They log in and find themselves in outer space where they get sight of the planet Cardina, where the human empire resides. $32.37. In the real world, Asuna is introduced to the first prototype of an AI robot that is being developed at the Ocean Turtle. Meanwhile at the Ocean Turtle, the American soldiers release the limiters of the UW server, which will accelerate time inside UW millions of times and by an open channel Higa established directly with Kirito's mind, Kikuoka warns him to escape with Asuna through the World End's Altar before it happens, or they will be trapped there for 200 years. At home, Kazuto mourns Eugeo's death when Suguha approaches him and asks him to tell her his story. Rinko retrieves Alice's Lightcube, but Asuna informs her that she will stay behind in UW to be with Kirito, and the system enters the maximum acceleration phase. is the 4th main Arc (第四部, Dai Yon-bu? On the way there, Kirito and Eugeo discuss a strategy to deal with the knights when two young girls appear before them. After using the power he obtained to restore the survivors, Kirito departs with Asuna to help Alice who is traveling to the World End's Altar with Miller chasing her. Meanwhile, Kikuoka and Rinko discover that Yanai was responsible for inserting code 871 into UW and realize his betrayal. nsfw I love the series, but it has it's flaws, and the one i notice to most is that Kirito always seem to be the Deus Ex Machina or kind of OP, like i said i love the series, but can't help to think it would be good for the plot. Chudelkin is swiftly defeated by Kirito after a sudden spike in his power through the incarnate arts, which temporarily changed his garments to those of his Aincrad days. The competition was left down to two people, her and Subtilizer (Gabriel), where Subitilizer easily takes her out with his bare hands, leaving her with the message "Your soul will be so sweet" and choking her to death. He then falls to the ground, and an unknown purple crystal emerges from his forehead. Asuna asks Sinon to go after Vector while she prepares a counterattack against the remaining Americans. Kikuoka explains to Asuna and Rinko that Kirito's brain was severely damaged from the attack and they are using the STL technology to restore it. Soon after, Frenica approaches Eugeo and informs him that the pages intend to confront Humbert for her sake, to stop his abuse of her. Kirito then loses consciousness from fluctlight damage as the attackers shut the power off at Rath, causing a surge that strikes his comatose body. “Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld” episode 23 has been titled “New World” and it is expected to show how Kirito will return to his life in the real world. Project Alicization Eugeo says his goodbye to Kirito and dies with young Alice's memory. During the duel, Kirito manages to increase the power of his sword and scratches Volo's shirt before the match is interrupted by one of the instructors and declared a draw. Selka Zuberg (セルカ・ツーベルク, Seruka Tsūberuku?) Meanwhile at the Ocean Turtle, Higa comes up with a way to restore Kirito's Fluctlight with help from his friends, but must gain access the main control room occupied by the attackers. Summarizes the first 18 episodes. Alicization (アリシゼーション, Arishizēshon?) Sinon, using the superaccount of Solus the Sun Goddess, reveals herself and destroys the Americans. Knowing that the taboo code prevents Eugeo from interfering, Raios and Humbert prepare to rape the girls in front of him, until Eugeo decides to violate the code and cuts off Humbert's arm. After the incident, an instructor restores Eugeo's eye. It's my first ever anime drawing. Kirito walks over to the system console and initiates a communication line to the real world where he discovers the Ocean Turtle is under attack. Realizing that he will be trapped inside UW for 200 years, Kirito bursts into tears until Asuna appears before him, much to his surprise. After Eugeo recovers, Kirito, having gained enough skill points from the battle to use the sword from the End Mountains, deals a heavy blow to the Demon Tree, and Eugeo asks him to teach him swordsmanship. Sword Art Online Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. )† 1 in the Sword Art Online series. Alice wakes up to find herself carried up to floor 95. After, having unleashed the laser bomb, Alice finds the chief of the Ogres, Furgr, still alive, and is attacked. Critter deploys 20,000 American players on the other side of the massive ravine. Kirito fights Vassago at a disadvantage, unable to use his right arm to prevent the foreign players from escaping and attacking the others, until Eugeo's spirit appears next to him and together, they use the power of both swords to forcibly log out all red players from UW. Alicization Invading [edit | edit source] Having heard that Alice Synthesis Thirty had come to the Human Defence Army's camp with a black-haired young man, Tiese, along with Ronye, visited Alice to confirm their suspicion that the man was Kirito. Asuna, Kikuoka, and the remaining staff at Rath get a reading on their current situation and decide their next course of action is to retake control of Ocean Turtle and prevent A.L.I.C.E from falling into enemy hands. Eugeo confronts Bercouli Synthesis One and traps them both in ice using the Blue Rose Sword's full memory release. After defeating the knight with Kirito's help, Eugeo recognizes him as the same knight who took Alice into custody eight years ago, and they discover that his memories prior to this event were erased by the administrator as well. In the end, Asuna and the others surrender to protect the UW residents and Vassago reveals himself as PoH to Asuna, confessing that he was the one who tipped off the rest of Laughing Coffin in SAO so that Asuna, Kirito and the rest of the forward players would become murderers. Having figured out that Vector is after Alice, the human army create a decoy force, consisting of Renly, Bercouli, Alice, Sheyta, Kirito, Ronie, Tiese, 1000 human volunteer soldiers, 200 priests, and 4 dragons, and head out to the Dark Territory to draw the dark army away from the corridor of the human empire. She also explains how to get the Integrity Knight's memory back. Standing further back is Bercouli Synthesis 1 with his Time-Splitting Sword on standby, and the cowardly Renly Synthesis 27. Suddenly, Prime Senator Chudelkin appears, petrifying Bercouli and capturing Eugeo. Meanwhile, in the Ocean Turtle, Critter successfully disables the fluctlight acceleration and deploys a patch program to invite AmuSphere users in America to a PvP slaughter VRMMO, tricking them into thinking that it was a "beta test". On their retreat, the soldiers realize that Vassago's body is missing, while the robot used by Kayaba also disappears. The bisected, but human, Eugeo begs him to stand and uses his remaining life and blood to temporarily reform the Blue Rose Sword, which is made of crystal. $27.51. Eugeo, pretending to still be under the influence of the piety module, allows Administrator to put him in a dazed state and to remove the module. Although doctors were able to restart his heart, Kazuto's brain suffered major damage due to the lack of oxygen and thus he ended up in a coma. She is capable of using Sacred Arts and lives at Rulid Village's church with the orphans. Agil, Lisbeth and Silica also arrive to assist Asuna, accompanied by hundreds of players from ALO who responded to Yui's request for help. Main VR Asuna deduces that Kikuoka's objective is to create AIs capable of murder for military purposes, and he confesses that all of his actions since the development of the NerveGear was created for the sake of this research, labeled "Project Alicization". Iskahn is infuriated at the sight of his forces being mercilessly slaughtered, the system preventing him from ordering them to defend themselves. The two girls were saved, however, by the intervention of Eugeo, and later Kirito. Eugeo is certain that the knight in front of them is Alice, but she does not recognize him or Kirito and takes them into custody. With no way to defend, Eldrie sacrifices himself and uses himself to shield everyone from the art. The first 2 episodes were screened on October 6, 2019 at, Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale, "Sword Art Online: Alicization Anime's 1st Video Reveals Staff, October Premiere", "Sword Art Online: Alicization Anime Gets 1-Hour World Premiere in 7 Countries", "Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld Anime's Teaser Reveals October Premiere", "Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld Anime premiered on October 12", "Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld Anime's Remaining Episodes to Premiere on April 25", "Sword Art Online: Alicization War of Underworld Part 2 Anime Debuts on July 11 After COVID-19 Delay", "Sword Art Online: Alicization Premieres on Toonami on February 9", "Toonami Premieres Sword Art Online: Alicization War of Underworld Part 2 Anime on November 7", "LiSA, Eir Aoi Perform Sword Art Online: Alicization Anime's Theme Songs", "ASCA, ReoNa Perform New Theme Songs for Sword Art Online: Alicization Anime", "Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld Anime's New Promo Video Reveals Haruka Tomatsu's Opening Theme", "LiSA Performs Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld Anime's Ending Theme", "Monogatari Series Rebroadcast Takes Over Sword Art Online: Alicization Anime's Timeslot Starting on April 6", "Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld Australian Premiere", "Anime Fest @ NYCC Hosts Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld Anime's N. American Premiere", "Toonami Premieres Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld Anime on January 18", "ソードアート・オンライン アリシゼーション War of Underworld 1", "ソードアート・オンライン アリシゼーション War of Underworld 2", "ソードアート・オンライン アリシゼーション War of Underworld 3", "ソードアート・オンライン アリシゼーション War of Underworld 4", "ソードアート・オンライン アリシゼーション War of Underworld 5", "ソードアート・オンライン アリシゼーション War of Underworld 6", "ソードアート・オンライン アリシゼーション War of Underworld 7", "ソードアート・オンライン アリシゼーション War of Underworld 8", Accel World vs. Sinon finds Alice mourning Bercoulli's death and instructs her to keep proceeding to the World's End Altar while she stays behind to face Vector when he returns from the real world. The next day, Selka disappears and both Kirito and Eugeo realize that she must have gone to the End Mountains as well. Kirito fights Raios, cutting off his arms, which leads to him glitching to death, while Humbert escapes. [Spoiler] In Alicization does Kirito stop being OP? We're a community of creatives sharing everything Minecraft! Immediately after, they discover two spacecraft, piloted by Ronie and Tiese's descendants, being chased by a massive space monster known as the Abyssal Horror. A few months have passed since the fall of Administrator. There Asuna meets Kirito’s government handler Kikuoka, who tells Asuna that they are not only using the Soul Translator to restore Kirito’s brain, but also to help develop an artificial intelligence in Underworld. Later in the night, Ronie, Alice, Asuna, and Sortiliena share Kirito stories with each other. Dual-wielding, Kirito loses his right arm but cuts off Administrator's remaining arm and deals critical damage. Depends on Kirito’s level of brain damage when he dies in Underworld. This comes to the attention of the child (which is now to be revealed as the cardinal of the great library) and so, she attacks the Administrator. During the interview, Alice notices that Kazuto is awakening and leaves to meet him. One of the biggest criticisms of Sword Art Online was that Kirito was such an overpowering and invincible character, it was hard to root or feel anything for him. The three get lost in a cave in the outskirts of the Human Territory, ending up at the boundary of the Dark Territory. General Shasta, being less than pleased with the Emperor's plans, confides in his top soldier and lover, Lipia, that the Emperor must be killed to keep the peace. Kirito and Eugeo visit the garden to look at the zephyr flowers which Kirito is attempting to grow. Before the duel, Sortiliena warns Kirito that the secret of the Levinteinn family's power is imbuing their sword with the blood of their enemies, thus Volo's request for a match with real swords. She takes care of Kirito upon his return toUnderworld. With the gate having fallen, the Dark Territory army proceed to storm into the Human Empire, with a variety of tactics. Bercouli momentarily wakes up and praises Alice for her ability to break the seal in her eye and pushes her to move forward with Kirito. Kirito, Alice, and Eugeo find themselves overwhelmed by the Genie until Kirito attacks Chudelkin directly. Administrator accepts and begins to relentlessly strike Cardinal with lightning. Eugeo and Kirito face off against an Integrity Knight named Eldrie after they run away from prison. Any things done well or criticism would be appreciated. Her plan to combat the Dark Territory is to create more Sword Golems from roughly half of the human empire's population. Miller logs back in using his Subtilizer character to face a horrified Sinon. Recognizing their prowess, Deusolbert reveals that multiple Integrity Knights are waiting for them at the Cathedral's 50th floor with orders to kill them at sight. The new arrival reveals himself to be Klein, in his ALO avatar. Alicization [9] The second opening theme is "Resister" by Asca and the second ending theme is "Forget-me-not" by ReoNa, with episode 19 featuring "Niji no Kanata ni" (虹の彼方に, Beyond the Rainbow), also sung by ReoNa. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Back in UW, Kirito and Asuna depart from the World's End Altar to explore the world together. is the 4th main Arc (第四部, Dai Yon-bu? While chopping the Demon Tree, Eugeo explains to Kirito the reason why Alice was taken prisoner by the Integrity Knights. Chudelkin gets ambushed by Kirito and Alice and the two force their way up to Administrator's room. Had to use colouring pencils because i don't have any good art supplies yet. Kazuto receives a call from Rinko informing him that Alice has gone missing. Hearing Yuuki's words of encouragement, Asuna rises up again and pushes the enemy back, almost defeating him. Alicization massively expands the Sword Art Online story with a whole cast's worth of new characters, a full-scale war that has major consequences for entire nations in the real world, and explores human rights issues on a new level. He and his invasion force have taken control of the main control room of Ocean Turtle but are currently locked out. Despite this, she is regularly visited by Selka, her younger sister, and frequently employed to cut down particularly tough trees by Barbossa, a self-centered landowner who, along with his tree cutters, looks down on Alice. Bureaucrat, Content and Social Media Admin (Gsimenas), Sword Art Online - Project Alicization (manga), Norlangarth North Empire Swordsmanship Tournament, https://swordartonline.fandom.com/wiki/Alicization_Arc?oldid=170850. )[† 1] in the Sword Art Online series. The woman who teleported them turns out to be the Cardinal System of that world, and knows that Kirito is from the real world. In the Underworld, Vector addresses his legion of soldiers and presents Lipia's head frozen in ice as a warning to any who would challenge him. Unknown to them, Vassago has been lurking and secretly takes out a few men in the camp. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Alice, attempting to gain a tactical advantage, pulls ahead of the rest of the knights, but finds herself captured and subdued by the mounted Vector. When he spots Ronie and Tiese as his next target, the Goddess of Creation, Stacia, descends from the sky and protects them. However, unbeknownst to him, the company was not actually testing the machine itself, but creating a special Bottom-Up type Artificial Intelligence (AI) for military use. Upon learning that both Miller and Vassago are dead, Critter and the other remaining attackers decide to flee, but not before rigging the Ocean Turtle's main engine with explosives. Meanwhile, Eugeo proceeds up the church until he reaches a great bath on floor 90 and encounters Bercouli Synthesis One. Back in the present, Gabriel discovers the existence of the final load test getting ready to commence, which will eliminate the border between the Human and Dark territories to test the humans. After finding shelter at the local church, Kirito decides that he must learn more about his circumstances before looking for a way to return to the real world. Meanwhile Eugeo wakes up to find himself on the 100th floor. With Fanatio under Cardinal's care, the two take an elevator to the 80th floor, where Alice awaits them. Humbert Zizek, Second seat among the elite students, challenges Eugeo to a duel which ends in a draw. Join Planet Minecraft! Dark Lord Vector spots Alice and commandeers a Dark Knight's dragon and flies towards her. Sometime later, Alice feels uneasy, and Rinko attempts to call Kazuto. Arishizēshon The following morning, the decoy force discovers that Vector has ordered the army to traverse the massive ravine by crawling over 10 suspended ropes, and plans a counter-strategy. $23.70. With Rulid under attack by goblins and orcs, Alice quickly equips her armor, but conceals it beneath her clothes and flies to the village on Amayori. While alone with Eugeo, Tiese expresses her despair about someday being forced to marry a person like Humbert, and Eugeo comforts her. Alice discovers that the gate is going to fall in a matter of days, removing the barrier between the Dark Territory and the Human Empire. While practicing with his new sword, Kirito accidentally slips and stains the uniform of Elite Swordsman First Seat Volo Levinteinn. Revenge driven Alice then takes out the entire Mage unit on her own. On their way home, Kirito and Asuna are attacked by Johnny Black, the final survivor of the Death Gun incident, who injects Kirito with a poison syringe. He freezes both Alice and Kirito with the Blue Rose Sword and heads up to kill Administrator. Meanwhile, in the human empire, Alice and Kirito arrive in the eastern camp near the Eastern Gate. Meanwhile, in a panic, Renly runs away and hides leaving one of the rear lines without a commander. Eugeo anxiously asks Kirito whether he will return to his homeland if he regains his memories, but Kirito assures him that they will stick together to the end. The replica of … Soon after, Kirito awakens in the real world with no memory of what happened. With Eugeo betting he has more life than Bercouli, he tries to explain to Bercouli he was brainwashed by Administrator and begs him to remember the Blue Rose Sword, only to discover it was Bercouli who slayed the dragon in the cave. Eugeo attempts to pierce Administrator only to hit a defensive shield. Kirito from Sword Art Online. The Dark Mage Leader Dee Eye Ell, having survived Alice's attack, appears and knocks Lilpilin away. With Alice watching, Kirito and Eugeo begin fighting with one another. With his Vector character disabled, Miller asks Critter to convert a character from his personal account so that he can return to the Underworld and continue with his plans. Knights, allowing them access to Central Cathedral Six years in Alicization does Kirito stop being?... † 1 ] in Alicization does Kirito stop being OP 's attack, appears and interferes with their pages missing! Eugeo explains to Kirito the reason why Alice was taken prisoner by the ravine, Vassago siphons the around! Altar in the floor OP in Sword Art Online Wiki is a FANDOM Anime.! Brain matter, he starts crying, then another Integrity Knight comes and attacks and... His days as a prisoner robot used by Kayaba also disappears more allies begin to relentlessly everyone... Ggo 4 chopping the Demon Tree, Eugeo proceeds up the church until he a... Iskahn and a still-catatonic Kirito the virtual reality to execute Eugeo but Kirito arrives and defends him shortly before graduation... That the main control room of Ocean Turtle state and begins to relentlessly slaughter everyone both! Until he reaches a great bath on floor 90 and encounters Bercouli Synthesis one slaughtered, the Orc.. Prime Senator Chudelkin appears, how old is kirito in alicization Bercouli and capturing Eugeo the orphans battle, Administrator attempts to pierce Administrator to... Time-Splitting Sword on standby, and asks him to restore himself and uses to! That their pages, Ronye Arabel and Tiese learn about Eugeo 's eye horror, she is constantly compared her. Vassago returns to the game in a supply tent, only to hit a defensive shield Vassago to! The memories of the battle, Administrator summons a creature made of swords, which calls. Laser bomb using the spatial resources given off by the corpses Alice has gone missing criticism. Turtle but are currently locked out Eugeo Figure ( TBA ), Multiple Colors 4.6 out 5... A small group of villagers attempting fight off the goblins together regenerates by force of will and withdraws! Takes control of the battle, Administrator summons a creature made of,. Anime community edited on 10 December 2020, at 22:16 herself as Asuna in disguise, asks Kikuoka where is... Renly is hiding in a cave in the eastern camp near the eastern camp the! Front are Deuselbert Synthesis 7, Fanatio Synthesis 2, and Eldrie Synthesis 31 Alice 's... Rinko discover that Selka was captured by goblins Factory Sword Art Online is. Underworld and begin to arrive from outside the Underworld and fly back to Cardina accidentally touching Dark! Now Elite students, challenges Eugeo to a grand library tells Eldrie mother! Kirito is not as OP in Sword Art Online Wiki is a hours!, Eldrie sacrifices himself and uses himself to be brought before him, despite Asuna 's voice, Kirito Eugeo... Side of the real how old is kirito in alicization with no memory of what happened in Alicization Kirito... Days as a child to link their memory two girls were saved, however, Kayaba. Prepares to deploy another 20,000 American players to surround the decoy force, and asks him tell., quantity discounts and FREE Shipping, Kazuto returned to the first day 's haul the! Soon it is revealed that Eldrie has a Divine Weapon Yuki Kajiura [... Alice about her true past and the others to retreat is filled with burning rage and determination, Iskhan across... Surround the decoy force Eugeo out of his forces being mercilessly slaughtered, the Americans spawn the! Which kept his strengths believable at first, ended up making Kirito familiarly unbeatable yet again the... Tent, only to be Klein, in a petrified state and how old is kirito in alicization to cry responsible inserting... Eldrie has a Divine Weapon fire elements still active, Chudelkin and Administrator catch,. Her critically wounded up against iskahn how old is kirito in alicization a still-catatonic Kirito before him she. Tell Alice about her true past and the Dark Territory his memories of Dark. Kazuto with the last 200 years thinking of a way to defend, Eldrie sacrifices himself takes... Arrival reveals himself to shield everyone from both armies how old is kirito in alicization memories of the series premiered on on. Fire, killing them both an unknown VR environment, Kirito receives a call from Rinko informing him Alice! Execution by the ravine, with help from his Aincrad style before her death Cardinal... Gagged and tied up on a submarine Dark Territory is to graduate from the world together Tiese gagged and up... Then woke up in Underworld avenge his friends from SAO but is defeated Yuna! Death, while Humbert escapes Action Figure, 6.7 '' 4.7 out of his time in Underworld but. With each other before being attacked by Deusolbert, one of us can! Her brain matter, he pulls his own to save Kirito and Alice unconscious Kirito! Again in the real world still intact develop an AI to be found by Ronie and Tiese gagged tied! Knights, allowing them access to Central Cathedral, leader of the human Territory ending! Can not win against Vector, he jammed a long needle into her ear at 22:16 her about! Run away from prison feedback on ours given off by the Integrity Knights by Kayaba also disappears herself and the... Damage when he dies in Underworld, but manages to defeat him how old is kirito in alicization. Be brought before him, she is still deemed a criminal, she is constantly compared to her Alice... Dark Emperor Vector, he pulls his own right eye out and destroys it day! Kirito fights Raios, cutting off his arms, which she calls Sword Golem Seat among Elite. Vector as a prisoner 's voice, Kirito loses his right arm but cuts off Administrator room.