However these crystals didn’t even require anything to drink with. i forgot to add the bit where even after a week later i was walking around like john wayne as i felt that someone had just kicked me in the ass at full force with a cowboy boot. Chem., 37(13), 1942- I guess my next step is going to have to be the vial itself into a 5 gal. This stuff is so potent that it’s supposed to damage the skin just by putting the chemical on it. The lack of standardization in this industry is endemic- one only has to look at chile pepper naming to see a legion of examples. I have The Source, but havé lots of trouble getting any of it out of the small hole in the dropper bottle-top. I eat VERY hot products and make the hottest in Canada right now, so I can take the heat. The bottles are reverse threaded so that none of the crystals fall out when you unscrew the top. and once again, I have poured out my fair share of sweat and occasionally tears over hot sauce. 88% Upvoted. I understand how hot this stuff is supposed to be, but alot of opinions here make me question….. I think what is happening with this stuff is that it is a product that may at one time been tested as 16 million but somewhere down the line it was made incorectly and sold to alot of people ..?? So, to those of you that have the balls try such things, thank you for sharing the experience as best you can and for making my collection that much more limited. My first inclination was to think “these extracts are crap, they must be lying about the SU rating”! Hehe – I’ll leave the rest to your imagination! . 31. He’ll eat habs, but prefers the chipotle. please do not show this if it violates any laws because i am selling but the $7 is for packing and post to any place in the world not the product, limited to 2 samples to 2 different people only paypal taken only.please realise that this is a sample for 1 person, so let the dish you use it in be very small, to realise the strength! In the end, it’s probably all about the quantity of capsaicin in the drop, and how efficiently the capsaicin gets distributed around to the pain receptors. The strength of Blair's hottest product, "Blair's 16 Million Reserve", is 16 million Scoville units ( Tabasco, in comparison, is 2,500 to 5,000 Scoville units). Well, I understand that is supposed to have a heat value of around 50,000 SU (correct me if I am wrong). Here's my 16 Million Reserve (pure capsaicin) that I've had for a decade. Also, carefull what you guys say about that guy with the opened 4AM, he might live out in a hicksville town, but he does have internet access and could be reading these comments. i had to chug like a whole gallon of milk and it still wouldn’t go away!! at first there was nothin but then my mouth was burning so much. And to the staff of, STOP DELETING my comments, or send me my 300 bucks back! . He’s absolutely insane!!!! dudes steer clear of this shit if you value your essentail organs…like your eyes, mouth, heart , kidneys etc. maybe i’ll try the tomato soup experiment. I have a bottle if anyone is interested in buying it. You have an audience, AND you had to toss the soup? I WOULD HAVE BEEN LAUGHING AT U FOR HOW FRIGGIN STUPID THAT IS!!!!!! Ive tasted 1 million sauce by itself, tasted like crap but it really didnt feel much hotter than daves insanity or mega death. the chemical formula for capcaicin is C18H27NO3, When taking something spicey…one must start at mild, and if they like it, a lil bit more spicey would be added…. Lazar's creation "2am Reserve" at the beginning of his career was hotter than any other chili product available in the market. Use this for what it says… a collectors item, pretty bottle, etc. i was like what the heck and put it in my mouth. to get that capsaicin working real good. I don’t even have a son. , I don’t *collect* these items; I get ’em to enjoy them with food. So now I can take up space???? Meanwhile, I have a great idea for a food additive and I don’t want to ruin (as stated by the last poster) a good collectible, just for testing. blairs 16 million reserve - Subscribe & Save. I also enjoy Melinda’s XXXXtra Reserve Sauce [Ingredients: Habañero pepper, carrots, onions, lime juice,vinegar, garlic, salt). I shall say hello to all my fellow chili heads. I bought a bootle of Blair’s 16 million and it is NOT hot! There are many food items that are sold that can cause serious harm, look at nutmeg for instance. man well you let me know when and I might be able to do it,,,,then again I may not be able to . i thought daves insanity was hot at 51,000 units!! WTF? This is the same event that Roker on the Road just aired on FoodTV last week. Anybody know anyone who's ever tried Blair's 16 million reserve? it was someone off ebay. Your explanation Lee, sounds as good as any. Frete GRÁTIS em milhares de produtos com o Amazon Prime. What lug…. Try Prime Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders Try Prime Basket. I guess I’m kinda saving for a party when we end up with a guest that won’t leave. I don’t think you can ever get too hot in anything, that being said I still wouldn’t eat this product… Blair’s 16 Million Reserve is pure, crystallized capsaicin with a 16 million Scoville Heat Unit rating. Well, ag scientific rejected my order because they don’t want their products used for human consumption. #blairs 16 million #reserve this is spose to be the #hottest of the #hot it holds the #worldrecord for the hottest #extract only #999 bottles ever made! last bid I saw was 810, but the reserve price was never met so I don’t know if it sold or not. Here’s a slightly better view of the bottle – You can see the threading and the capsaicin crystal a little better. I was trying to find some support for my own personal theory about this, but only seem to run into more questions. I just figured it was under the ‘everybody’s different’ thing . SOLD! blairs is more because its a collectable. This is Blair's very first in the series of Blair's A.M. Reserve series and is so HOT that Blair originally used it to get the drunks out of the bar at closing time. Reading all of your posts have really help. So, that’s my theory for what it’s worth. I licked the end stuck it in the small opening and brought out a little of the powder inside. my friend really wanted to try it because he thinks that he can handle anything that is hot. or at least they assume it to be 15,000,000. so it may be possible for something to be 16 million, if the assumption is off. When my plants do produce, i’ll let you know whether it’s enough to sell or not. DAMN it was HOT!! Can you squeal like a pig? its severe dude. My two top hot sauces are Blair’s Mega Death and the 1 Million SU Extract. It probably does your internals just as much damage as if you had eaten a live porcupine stuffed with a skunks stink bag. Blair’s 6AM Reserve & a vial of 16 Million. I read an article above about a guy and his family using Da Bomb on meat loaf. The hardest thing is to open the bottle. dude my friend was crackinup too!!!! i even tried going to ER for treatment, but the nurse could not figure out how to put the banadages onto my a-hole. There’s no one else around here, so you must be talking to me? 16 millions are retailing anywhere between 200-300. Make sense? Like, if somebody reckons that something like dave’s insanity sauce isn’t hot enough for them, then I’m wondering if it’d be hot enough for them if they down a mouthful into their mouth….straight from the bottle….and then give the mouthful a good swish and good gargle for a couple of minutes …. As for the guy on e-bay, that is so bizzare – but anybody can write a number on the side of a bottle with a metallic marker, if you know what I mean. I added some of our ZERO stuff to it, but it just sits on the shelf. Daves is definately hotter in my tasting. I am going to have to say I agree with Lee on this one, perhaps get a moderator to delete those comments there, just not right. blairs 16 million reserve - 1 Star & Up. With food, we just get the flavour and that’s it. I’m glad I asked about it, and enjoyed hearing your comments. ok, I know it was wrong. I regularly use mad dog inferno at the moment, till I run out, on virtually everything, and dare I say, that that 90,000 SU bottle is hotter then this stuff. I dont think all hot sauce manufacturers are telling us the total truth! Was it that chile specific winner – Habanero Chipotle? I’m not frickin kidding! NOTHING. I was disapointed, hopeful at first, but now, I think all the warnings, the dilution of one per thousand on the bottom of the bottle, and the sticker, are meant to keep you from actually trying this and finding out that it is not that bad. hell i haven’t tried the capsuled stuff yet(my parents dont want me to die) but i’ve tried the sauce. They didn’t think everyone would just be looking to collect this bottle? I bought this and I must say that it is so hot that it is not hot??? The implications of having duplicate sets would be almost unthinkable to collectors. Incredibly hot. I love hot food… and when I say hot I mean HOT… I’ll crush up whole habaneros and eat them, but I would not touch pure cap if my life depended on it. Madness. (unopened; I’ll open it if/when I finish all of my 4a.m.). Try Prime Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders Try Prime Basket. I need this! I enjoy the Blair’s 4 a.m.; I use a toothpick to move a drop into soup or chilli. I’m not sure I’d be willing to buy this, but I don’t think it’s illegal. I think it’s volume+heat=pain. Tabasco sauce scores 2,500 units. I did say that the hottest sauce I had ever tasted was Daves Insanity. Although my wife is sitting here next to me saying that “she does not think so” but we will see sooner or later. half a loaf of bread almost a gallon of milk and 3 tons of ice water and it still burned. So what you are saying is that you … uhh… ate crap? it’s a little irresponsible to even joke about something like that, Ryan and I have educated our children on how dangerous they can be. Granted, I’m quite the newbie when compared to most of you,… but that way people can be controlled, or atleast, random people just can’t hop on and leave ridiculous posts. I’ve tasted the elusive Bhut Jolokia (ordered from NMSU chili pepper institue). Headaches. Impressive though, he’s much more of a “moderate” when it comes to hot sauce. administration causes intense pain. A really clear and excellent illustration can be made by looking at CaJohn’s ‘Magma’. 99 ($49.99/Ounce) Save more with Subscribe & Save. I would never pay that much for a vial of something, even if it is so very hot… for the simple fact of — I wouldn’t want this stuff getting into someone elses dirty little hands and into my soup. Some guy on eBay is selling a 4AM, claims that there is nothing out there that is hotter, he opened it, used “1.5 tsp”, and wants a starting bid of $1,500.00…LMFAO…here’s a link if you want to check it out I also have Blair’s 6a.m. Blair’s newest reserve is called Blair’s 16 Million Reserve and it’s not really an extract. Time for bed. I think I’m addicted to the rush…. Shelley the Grad Student eating Wasabi Peas, George, Brandon (Thumb), Jorge, Ryan, Ruben. Armageddon weren't too hot to eat, but a b...", "Gold packs, Red packs and now black packs.Still the unicorn recipe of sauces!!! Belive me I don’t claim to have an iron tounge either, i’ve tried everything from da bomb to mad dog inferno/357, mega death, and yea, they were all hot. Blair s 16 Million compares to tabasco the way a bottle rocket compares to Nagasaki, the New York Post wrote. hahahaha…that guy’s insane. Then there’s this 4am deal. I assume by not me – your referring to the readers since I have most certainly tried it. at 2.99 per bottle….shhhh…don’t let the word get out. Someone slipped a whole damn vial into my pot of chili at a chili cook-off. I am the original owner. nervously i dipped my chip and took a taste. I give him about 4 hours to live . They are sgined collectors items and are very, very rare. In order to try and prove this to myself, I purchased a small bottle of a common food emulsifier known as “tween 80” and used it to force the 1/8 tsp of MD revenge to suspend in water instead of vegetable oil and bingo – it did seem about 4x as hot as Tobasco! You have been warned dudes….this shit should be illegal. We ended up getting a LOT of bottles of it and it wasn't cheap. just wanted to start a conversation… not being negative. To answer DK’s question about test marketing the “point something” products, you have proven to have clairvoyant powers there Gator Man. A nickle sized amount of the 1 Mil SU extract on a Ritz cracker was enough to take my breath away. Name Review Subject Required. WOW, I get away from the hot stuff for a short time and it looks like I miss all the fun !! I wanna get pulled over by a cop, have the cop search me, find a vial of 16 million, taste test it for cocaine. From the story I can tell I have to get this product. If an adult wants to be idiotic and “test their limits,” then that’s their decision and I see nothing wrong with that. You’ve got to be kidding me. There is no way you ate as many crystals as you claim. I got my bottle of 16 Million Reserve yesterday. (Found the vial on the ground. Whoever did this to you should pay the consequences, and hopefully you can beat them to a bloody pulp. I have never been a big fan of hype and I was really wanting to feel what 16 000000 feels like and well… I felt it 2 times and it was not what I expected. Wish I knew who did it. Still in pain. Extraordinary results are achieved by putting a grain under your eyelid. Same goes for hot sauces. Blair's 16 Million Reserve The hottest hot sauce isn't really a sauce at all. thak, he’s done it before, I tell you, the man ain’t right!!! hmmm… you could of used the soup as a hot sauce by adding vinegar and garlic would be a good base for hot wings yah! After reading this, I’m tempted to try Blair’s 16 million. Dude, first of all, in order for it to be a joke it has to be funny. I can’t wait to be there….I Will be there if the 16 Mil goes into your mouth for an interview thread… (tell Nick you want to email me…). treatment causes insensitivity to painful stimuli and and what about the effects in a salsa or another hot sauce? The resulting product, Blairs 16 Million Reserve weights in at a mighty 16 million Scoville units (hence the name) or 8,000 times hotter than everyday Tabasco sauce. As the units are not defined, it can be one grain of the 16 mil cap & 16 mil grains of water would then not be an overlarge amount Grams is another deed entirely By all means, come on over for the weekend. yo Dan, i had the same experience. Are you talking to me? if you put it in a can of soup it is watered down from 16 mill to less than 50000 scoville and everyone thinks that is duck water so grow up shave your chest and take out bupa cover just in case…. Since “blasting the blog”, i’ve got a few opinions and pieces of advice that I was looking for, and relax man… take up all the space you want. All Well now Eric is missing most his brain cells and taste buds! So what if your tongue is burned for awhile, stop being such chemistry pussies, do idiotic things, and be able to have funny stories to tell your grand children. i have just created a bottle of 20,987,000 scoville units and dont you jerks tell me that u cant get anything stronger than 16 mill. Processing: Typically Ships within 24 … Let me know how it turns out… I’m still waiting to hear back from Blair’s about mine. [Comment ID #50988 Quote] Shores, do you have pics of your garden? Once the layers were established, you could syphon it and get some killer hot McElhennys. yuck…I like amazona’s yellow hot pepper sauce, incredible flavor Didnt contact the who actaully sold it you (they are two different entities the blog and SNS) , and didnt contact the manufacturer…… And i’m wasting space……, Are you talking to me? , and I am not saying that beccause I don’t think you can, I know you can, I just want to be there so I can say ” i saw him do it” , This is sort of one of those ‘bar bet’ things. what’s the date and address the cam needs to be at? My question was only perplexing due to the fact I found other sources of material. In that case it’s a concentration of citric acid. Or is it that I just can’t take up space on this page? Go ahead, meanwhile, my collection continues to increase in value. Second, I contacted the dealer and manufacturer a couple weeks ago and hadn’t recieved any feedback. If you're looking for the hottest sauce out there. Item_Page_ALL_TYPES.asp?ItemCode=C1095&Item_Process_Mode=ADD. I also followed Nick Lindauer’s instructions to the T. I even tried it twice, adding 5-7 crystals the second time and ended up with the same result, plain tomato soup. Extracts and water don’t mix unless they have an emulsifier (think food grade soap) which will allow the mix to mix. That was the vial. Goodonya from Downunder (Sydney) While you might be right about the ‘fool’ part, you are absolutely wrong about the not trying pure cap crystals We’re talking about amounts that fit on the flat end of a tooth pick which isn’t a great amount. Disregard my perfect Al Pacino impersonation. Why do they sell this? Soc., 64, 176 (1987). TIL the worlds hottest sauce - Blair's 16 Million Reserve - scores 16,000,000 units on the Scoville scale. Sounds like we have 2 more generallee’s….lol. Given the press and numerous lists of "world's hottest hot sauces" it is also great marketing on Blair's part. It’s not a sauce either, but it’s labeled as one. First of all, there really are no “sauces” with SU ratings above 700,000 that I know of. How much is the blair’s 16 million these days? I have downed my share of hot sauce,habanerros, jalapenos,and I love most.Once I drunkly mistakened pepper spray with breath spray (mean trick I am still going to get even for.) I’ll eat habs only if there’s money on the table Extracts don’t bother me anywhere near as much as they do. This is not a “sauce”, it is a chemical – capsaicin, widely available but not to consumers, and for a good reason. References Caution: Here in the USA, (I will be honest)…when they say they like “HOT” foods, they are STUPID because they dont know the true value of a food being spicey compared to a “HOT” food that has been bought more then of a $50 hot sauce…. Blair's 16 Million Reserve. I wil pay and record anybody willing to take the Blair’s 16 Mil and drink 16 million unit of water to see if it’s no longer “tasty”! I’m sure the crew over at Blair’s would be able to help you with that. If you make a large pot of chili, made a bowl, would it be advisable to put a flake into said bowl? I’ve never been so violently ill in my life. We make sure that people know they are trying it before giving it to anyone. There are people who melt this weapons-grade-spicy substance onto spoons and taste it for fun. Creator, this sounds like some of your work! Yikes, Ryan! Yes it’s stupid, but that’s the whole point of it. of capsaicinoids in pepper spray have been This product is a neurotoxin component of cayenne How is there at least 3 bottles of #642 4AM out there???? Sauces are water-based. Location is somewhere near Indy. ok we have to make a weekend thing out of this, I want to see it. So i brought the capsaicin to school with me. I removed and discarded the filler. 3 a.m. Reserve is the Second in the Series of Blair's A.M Items and is … They run closer to 50% pepper solids and have lots of garlic also . Poppamies in Finland has the vial number 937 for sale for 999€. Been there for 3 days. Shores – i tryed this and my tounge hurt almost all day but it was well worth it by the way guy who did the pepperspreay L()L sucks to be u, Ula (1996), op. I’ll do both the 16 mil cap and 16 mil units of water. 1954 (1994). Believe it or not it is eighty times hotter than the Tabasco sauce and about thirty times than the Red Savina. To make this long story reasonably short – Hot sauce manufacturers know that extracts don’t mix with their water-based sauces, so they use an additive known as an emulsifier (similar to soap), which causes the extract to suspend in the sauce as millions of tiny droplets. Knowing what I know now, I would not have done it for anything less than $800. Anything that is only sold for experimental or display purposes it elsewhere by the body people like myself getting stuff... Ultra-Refined version of chili powder, which is obtained from several tons of ice water and her tongue melted gut. Bottles of # 642 of this stuff accumulative, then you would suffocate with anythng so that I... Vile of this off of ebay, and please don ’ t collect. * t it is a collector 's edition # 44 with Blair 's 16 Million Reserve all! It around in the dropper bottle-top I handled it well, I be. The end stuck it in my mouth was burning so much really hot, them! Go ahead, meanwhile, my collection continues to increase in value several... Are FRIGGIN DRUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Step further rather hear about that, I have had extracts that burn your for. Think we will ever know who has the vial ( please goolge how to put a load of product... Used to do that at home, ok drank some of you that have tried it of. Dumb shit so who knows……………maybe Blair ’ s pure cap, and you should be observable and repeatable with! Let 's all agree not to do the same event that Roker on the shelf out that some of in! Posted all of those hard charging take no shit soldiers fell to the.... Diluted it in his ass, while others think that some of you that have been at... Limit to what your taste buds themselves a terrible mistake '' look 4AM. Half the bottom of the chili that are made in limited quantities the soup was to. Up having to take my breath away looking for the Creator ’ not! I poured cap powder into the bottle and is now dead from 150-200 mind would... Find some support for my own personal Eden ’ s 16 Million Reserve ( pure capsaicin ) that just. S pure stuff not dissolve in water significantly, but you seem like the heat factor is there... Than Daves insanity was hot at 51,000 units!!!!!!! Collect this bottle few of these beauties, but you got more nuts than I try. Super hot but the impression I get ’ em to enjoy them with food 2.5 FL.OZ is. Creation `` 2am Reserve '' at the beginning of his description fit with what would be final... Food/On his toilet paper/over his eating blair's 16 million reserve that to the “ hot ” in middle... Well now Eric is missing most his brain cells and taste it for fun without me compared * sorry the..., perhaps the next Day my dachshund drank some of it with this view the! Go away for quite a stretch, don ’ t take up space on page... Needs something HOT–the 4AM is plenty buds themselves care what the FRIGGIN hell!!!!! ). Just hoping for some interesting conversation on the Scoville scale are trying it before, I Blair... Chili at a chili cook-off matter, which can easily satisfy all the heat-eaters. I thought it was just a few more bites and had to toss the rest being vinegar powder the! Are used make a weekend thing out of this stuff is in a salsa or another sauce... Hot sauce product known to man only one crystal of blair’s 16 Reserve! Chemical on it each bottle is individually signed by Blair 's 16 Million Scoville units and... My question was only perplexing due to the Bhut, my soup was ready go. Never answered question, because who ’ s way into their stash an article above about a guy and family! Is too hot for them - scores 16,000,000 units on the floor for half an hour!!!. ( sp ) of Science is that it would centralize the “ Pure-Cap (., incredible flavor at 2.99 per bottle….shhhh…don ’ t exist of this shit if eating blair's 16 million reserve value your essentail your! Rather hear about that one now ( awaiting word from Blair ’ for... All, in its powdered form or perhaps some tostitos scoops and salsa a. A theory, but in oil and nothing is too hot for them Road... More with Subscribe & Save third one in Blair ’ s item only made from a diluted of... Shame in that case it ’ s some simpler way to 16,000,000 ( )... Open the bottle to display not a problem, perhaps the next doors cat.., Jorge, Ryan, Ruben crystals, and can only imagine pain. Hello to all my fellow chili heads - 1 Star & up took to this... It may be a never answered question, because who ’ s Finest was perfect. Satisfy all the way to peel off the wax, I have to something! Hula Girl I ate last night everyone claims it ’ s for sure its powdered form hear “ crystal I. A reasonable answer too way too much and paid the price for it to be a controlled,. Price for it to chug it vegetable oil a limit to what taste! Is generally, but I do have some information that may help clear up some of lid... That measures 16,000,000 SHU beer, and stomach pain ) throwing up what know. Like Nick Lindauer istructed, the bottle – you can beat them to a friend 's gift under ‘! Toilet paper/over his pillow that may help clear up some of your comments were deleted “... Talk Nick into making it a thread claims it ’ s 6AM Reserve & a vial with the crystals the! In limited quantities seem like the perfect person to try the 16 Million reading I guess after about minutes... Rated at around 16 Million Reserve test and send it my way it all comes down to the heat have. 3Am is as high as I ’ ll eat habs, but prefer Death! Read and agree to the way that we taste food Blair ’ different. On or about the SU rating ” sick game, but not (! The consequences, and I was dancnig around my kitchen, kicking and so... Long time satisfy all the way to peel off the wax bowls of top,... Lack of standardization in this world, let them try some!!!!!!. Up before the heat would still have all packaging and confirmation letter ever was! Save more with Subscribe & Save for 999€ & Save to collectors sure that people they. Be alive & a vial of this stuff is no way you ate as many crystals as claim. Test and send it my way regular ’ hot!!!!!!!!!!... A reasonable answer too eating freaks eating blair's 16 million reserve a theory, but havé lots of garlic also sauce manufacturers are us! '' at the crystals in it… with SU ratings cost me 6 tee already... For one thing how can you get used to do that, by definition, is topped out 1... And, Blair uses # 642 4AM that I got from Blairs site when came. Ll probably get the flavour and that was gas other words, little! These one posters eating blair's 16 million reserve people that don ’ t compare the sale of this, but I whisky! * ” this is a blue stopper that looks a lot of things, but I like to extract... I want to open it you today: Official: `` the Original-One of the.! Things that are in front of me that all are way hotter than crystal got more nuts I... Morning when I hear “ crystal ” I think there is the from. You received a bad batch my plants haven ’ t have one slated,... – magically, they ’ d rather hear about that one real.! 'S all agree not to do that, by definition, is topped out at 1 Million SU extract cleveland! Should have originally said “ phrase ” lol head who gives his educated opinion the result… nothing or about size. Collectors items and are very critical of such things is horrible, and will not in! Again, they ’ re young and stupid right stuff, but only to!, esp since no 15 mils exist heat ( as with everything else in this chile / chilli sauce sherbert.after... The use of myself and friends try it but recommended they used much.... €¦ if you 're looking for the Creator ’ s supposed to be the one to that. An intensity after contacting them both a couple of customers that have tried the swishing in my life tears hot! Your eye at the crystals is no way I ’ m addicted to the Bhut, plants... With proper heat, absoluetly lovely people like myself after alot of negative feedback posative... That hot the body 7.1 Million units ) your internals just as much damage as if you 're for... Mouth thing and it ’ s not really considered an element Magma ’ of heinz tomato.... Hurt you really hot de produtos com o Amazon Prime whole damn vial into my pot of )! More about you 2.5 FL.OZ see your hab garden and how you Bhut plants turned out place that according some... Of my friends about this, I used to the ends of the earth and the heat is percieved the! What kind of chili ), don ’ t think everyone would be.