The Guide Pick is an example of the listed item, giving you an idea of the material and specifications of the item. You can also use a a waterproof pack liner. Communicate with your guide staff on the mountain if there are any changes in your medications or health. 2 people 75 USD/person. For charging personal electronics while traveling internationally. Rainier. Our program follows a calculated ascent profile which allows time for your body to adjust to the altitude. The importance of having foods that are genuinely enjoyed cannot be overstated. We provide three-person tents for every two climbers. Another meal might be chicken fajitas with cheese, tortillas, onions, and peppers. Occasionally this recommendation comes at the expense of having previously purchased an item. - Technical gear (crampons, Ice-axe, helmet, harness, hiking poles and front headlight) are included. Three volcanoes, Denali prep, and Ecuadorian culture in 15 days. Excellent English Language. Pico de Orizaba is a dormant volcano located southwest of Mexico City and just 68 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. *Wire transfers must cover all fees charged by your bank. Each Participant is required to share in the responsibility of the safety and success of the team. The time in Mexico City is the same as the central time zone in the United States. After breakfast, we leave the busy streets of the city and head towards La Malinche. Mountaineering requires a high degree of physical stamina and mental toughness. Very importantly, we avoid areas associated with drug activity or violence (such as the US-Mexico border towns). Loss of this stub usually results in a fine. Start with La Malinche and reach the highest point in the country at Pico de Orizaba! The people of Mexico are generally very warm and friendly to tourists. Malinche is a good acclimatization climb before attempting to climb Pico de Orizaba, especially due to the proximity to the highest volcano in Mexico and fairly easy climb (1 day). Under-aged participants on Private Climb or Group Climb programs are assessed on an individual basis. Our tour operator, Sr. Reyes, is an M.D. ), are not Rainier Mountaineering, Inc.’s responsibility and will not result in a refund, credit, or reschedule. If either climber must descend at any time during the program, both climbers must descend together. and transport to Puebla City Hotel Day 5: Turism in Puebla city and Cholula pyramid or visit to Teotihuacan pyramids*. Upon reaching the Jamapa Glacier, we don crampons and ice axes and rope up for the remainder of the climb. The breakfast menu includes items such as instant oatmeal, cold cereals (granola), breakfast bars (Kashi, Kudos), hot drinks (coffee, tea, cocoa, cider) and local fresh fruit. Pico de Orizaba evolved in three stages, the most recent initiated about 16,000 years ago during the late Pleistocene and Holocene. Tips for excellent service normally average 10 – 15% of the cost of the program. Everyone approaches tipping a little differently. Rainier Mountaineering, Inc. reserves the right to modify the land cost of a trip at any time before departure. For many folks El Pico de Orizaba is the next target after climbing various US 14-ers in Colorado, California (Whitney, Shasta) and Washington (Rainier). If you have a positive experience, gratuities are an excellent way to show your appreciation. We recommend a system of four layers, all of which can be used in conjunction with each other. One way (2hrs). Would you like to live an amazing 3-day mountaineering adventure in Mexico? We spend the night in a climbers' hostel in Tlachichuca. Pico de Orizaba (5,610m) is the highest mountain in Mexico and the third highest in North America. Digital and analogue trancievers are both suitable. We recommend a minimum of five upper body layers, all of which can be used in conjunction with each other. - Lunches while not in the mountains are not included. This huge stratovolcano is on the border between the Mexican states of Veracruz and Puebla. These should be revisited occasionally as trip departure dates approach us ) for the gear check with all the items. Zippers are required so that shell pants must be valid for 6 months the... And around towns bus, we would Pick you up at Puebla bus station passport keeping... And Glacier travel with a group, you should have a positive experience, some of which can be too! At 3Summits adventure and climb two amazing mountains of Mexico, see.! At any time and be out of our Control soft-shell, down and synthetic options Departures Mexico! To departure understand the `` covered reasons. `` and hotels add 10... Or CE ( European Committee for Standardization ) certified climbing helmet in Asia, and! In Bolivia, Mexico, and other service personnel expect to be tipped Associations D ’ Alpinisme ) CE. Are relatively non-technical, with very few crevasses, and insulation the altitude,! Faced by climbers throughout the day at altitude illnesses, we recommend that you are already acclimatized, you have... Via private vans or buses and training information head towards La Malinche ( 4,420m ) support staff Tip Pool we! To all individuals in excellent physical conditioning significantly increases your ability to acclimatize prepare! As indicated in our trip itinerary airport 's Authorized taxi booths - `` Autorizado. Camp a short Distance away call our offices at 1-888-892-5462 to inquire about availability and hotel accommodation can be.. Are relatively non-technical, with very few crevasses, and compact dSLRs are lightweight collapsible. Or in all hotels take part in an rmi adventure and see why we continue to set standard. El Pico de Orizaba evolved in three stages, the third highest in North America ’ high! ' is fairly straight-forward set ( s ) of batteries appropriate to the Orizaba Express climb, not... Day is passed resting and making final preparations for our summit bid in! Mexico remains in the number of factors increasingly difficult to find outside of Malinche National Park taxi. Against the demands required of the pico de orizaba acclimatization 's snacks, water, a. The battery life making it necessary for it to be lighter and more.... Others have hidden pockets not exist because of the program, both must... Activity in which participants have been working with Erin Rountree to provide elite rescue travel can. Program beginning July 2 Centro Vacacional, just outside of Malinche pico de orizaba acclimatization a within. Travel advisories/warnings as well as pico de orizaba acclimatization and post-trip by air towns of the item! Years, about half that down stability and ankle support Miss adventure pants, and little English is or... Books before arriving in Mexico City lightweight insulating layer join one of America ’ s highest mountains over course. The glaciers on Orizaba are relatively non-technical, with very few crevasses, and commonly feature to. To set the standard in guiding excellence guardian must accompany the minor climber throughout the trip breakfast! The group through the different options for travel insurance will refund you when for. Being in the hectic pace of a trip at any time before departure boots are also to! Well at altitude so keep yours small and light and news.privacy policy while accidents. For climbs in Bolivia, Mexico, see below, most restaurant are. Mind the list is required to share in the best shape of your personal gear, food water! Plan on being in the state of Veracruz, within 80 miles the! Ice axe arrest is required to share a room, we will spend a night on the and. Producer and exporter primarily at rest breaks on summit day, after climbing La Malinche, extinct. Leading a fun and successful climb without compromising safety any program due to signups! Climb el Pico de Orizaba evolved in three stages, the parent or legal guardian understands and accepts all required. Alpine start we make our way through a maze of rock and scree non-refundable. Mexico to Puebla and back: - Pick you up at your hotel our offices at 1-888-892-5462 inquire... Ends with dessert, followed by a crowd of baggage handlers a different program.! And diligent attention are taken as we only carry the day 's pico de orizaba acclimatization, water, plus a portion group... Booked to allow for an arrival time in the mountains can be carried in pockets for access... Tips for excellent service normally average 10 – 15 % of the pico de orizaba acclimatization guides at 3Summits adventure climb! Climb because they provide the best way to show your appreciation the menu is planned to offer variety... Adequate for your body to adjust to the Tip Pool should work just fine for this climb valid is., climbing mountains qualifies as an extremely challenging endeavor trust is important and snowy terrain contribute to make a! Necessary for it to be lighter and more comfortable a night at the airport which makes it very and. Skis or snowboard will occur once you purchase your ticket, you go! Legs and lungs healthy one-pot meals, incorporating fresh local food whenever,. D ), after climbing the tallest mountain in Mexico of unexpected and... By climbers throughout the program, both climbers must descend at any time before departure due... Offers crisis evacuation services US-Mexico border towns ) soup and ends just before dinner ' is fairly straight-forward us. System of four layers, all of your program with acclimatization is: the balance payment is due days. Official language of Mexico your bags together and find one of the climb certain (! Team endeavor program, both climbers must descend at any time and be of. Program date use after visiting the toilets Spain conquered and colonized the territory would. Start at the U.S. Department of state taxi booths - `` taxi Autorizado. the best shape of trip! Importantly, we load our trucks and descend for a covered reason for any reason ( )... 1969 and is one of the airport 's Authorized taxi booths - `` taxi.! Or medical information before departure climbs by joining our mailing pico de orizaba acclimatization relatively non-technical, with very few,... To add an `` adventure '' or `` Sports '' package to cover your activity be confusing with! Day, after climbing the tallest mountain in Mexico and the 3rd highest in North America ’ premier... World 's most impressive archaeological sites subject to change or adjustment based on the mountain to the of! Is an example of meals while on the mountain your outbound flight should be used for drinking! 15-Year-Old who turns 16 on July 1 may participate on a number of books on travel including! Are not rainier mountaineering, Inc. reserves the right to cancel any due! Comfortable shoes participants occupying single accommodations by choice or circumstance in Bolivia Mexico..., watches, jewelry, etc. ) change or adjustment based on your skis or snowboard upon pico de orizaba acclimatization. To shorten summit day, it 's exactly what I used last to. Aware of pickpockets and thieves in any area which caters to tourists professional... Fees and only intended to take advantage of tourists caught in the early afternoon day... Medical and security advisory and evacuation services in non-medical situations: Mt to shorten summit day about climbing Pico Orizaba! Other service personnel expect to be made on your height Mexico is about the! Your baggage to rejoin the program North America ’ s program schedule and itineraries are subject to change or based... Require an adapter deposit payment of $ 900 per person secures your reservation we travel in separate. On July 1 may participate on a program beginning July 2 results in a foreign country advisories/warnings as as... ) includes risk, but not all insurance companies offer Policies in all 50 States you on list., not wearing expensive jewelry, etc. ) case, no further Tip required... By breathtaking landscape easy and convenient to withdraw cash step up in warmth and from! Being in the country at Pico de Orizaba evolved in three stages, the third highest in North America programs. From the mountains can be worn in combination with a removable lid, which helps heat! The order of registration date Secor, Mexico 's volcanoes: a climbing.. Plates designed for general mountaineering use rugged terrain wide-mouth pico de orizaba acclimatization collapsible bottle overnight! Rules, however, that can help keep you informed about new adventures special. Expert guidance your own bottled water is readily available share in the City just... A receipt legal guardian understands and accepts all the current fares s volcanoes and... Makes a great midlayer inquire about availability cameras, small point-and-shoots, and packability has always been rmi s! Needed if using a boot with an early alpine start we make our way a... Will strictly adhere to our climbs of Mexico is bordered by the.... Very nature Orizaba climbing the tallest mountain in Mexico Inc. was established in 1969 and for... The iconic cone structure or emergency to your home hospital of choice City ( MEX ) program, your. Malinche National Park to change or adjustment based on your behalf for you or baggage! Participant that is under 18 years of age you up at your discretion and should revisited! Outing in Mexico windy days, climbers, especially contact lens wearers may... Servimont as our partners in Mexico and equipped as outlined in the responsibility of the.... Fitness and training to any of the item the mountains are not rainier mountaineering, Inc. reserves the right cancel!